Zoo Manners

Director: Jagat Murari


Cleanliness comes naturally to birds and animals. That is not the case with humans. In a zoo in the morning, as the zoo premises are being cleaned, the animals are busy cleaning themselves. As people come visiting later in the day they make the zoo dirty. The animals seem upset at such careless and inconsiderate behaviour. A little girl takes it upon herself to clean up the place as an example for others.


Director’s Biography: Jagat Murari
After doing a Masters in Physics, Jagat Murari obtained his Masters in Cinema in 1947 from the University of Southern California, Lost Angeles. He then worked as a documentary film maker with the Films Division as director and producer from 1948 to 1961, making several notable and award winning films. The first President’s Gold Medal for a documentary went to Murari’s film ‘Mahabailipuram’ made in 1954. Murari has headed a number of key film organizations and institutions like FTII, NFAI, CFSI etc.