Zangbo And Zing Zing Bar (A Boy And His Pet Dog)

(A Boy And His Pet Dog)

Director: Kantilal Rathod
Hindi/1977/Colour/78mins (Also available in: Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada)


Mr and Mrs Wangal , their son Zangbo and dog Zing Zing Bar live in village near a mountain. One day Zing Zing Bar goes missing. While looking for him, the Wangals find a bundle of jewels and a letter. When the father goes to Simla to sell some of the jewels, he does not return. A worried Zangbo sets out to find him along with his dog. Many adventures await him as two cross paths with a dacoits. Would the young boy and his pet dog outwit them all and save the father?


Director’s Biography: Kantilal Rathod
A well-known painter also trained in film animation in Calcutta and in Chicago, Kantilal Rathod was in charge of the cartoon unit of the Baptista-Vijayakar production unit, Hunnar Films. Later, Rathod branched out forming his own company Akbar Films and made many art and industrial films. With his first award winning feature film ‘Kanku’ (1970), Rathod set a new trend. The film presented an objective account of a lower-middle class women’s monotonous and stultified existence. His second feature. ‘Ramnagari’ followed some years later. He has directed many features, documentaries and short films. He died in 1988.