Wrong Mauritius

Director: Raghuvir Kulkarni


A young boy Bipin, along with his friend Viju and Mona chance upon a book in a second hand book stall that contains a very rare stamp called Wrong Mauritius. On their way back home, a sinister looking man follows the trio. He bumps into Bipin and the book they have just brought falls down. Later they realize that the stamp is missing. Who was the goon and why was he after the stamp? With the help of philatelist Ramu and inspector Dravid, the tree friends discover the secret of the stamp and the men trying to steal it.


Director’s Biography: Raghuvir Kulkarni
Playwright, poet, cartoonist and director Raghuvir Kulkarni studied art in the J J Institute of Applied Arts. As a playwright he has won awards for his plays “Kolishtak”, “Choohe” & “Devaski”. He has directed many films, among them ‘Mohare’ starring Nana Patekar and Mahuri Dixit and ‘Lagi Sharth’ for CFSI.