World Radio Day (13 February), celebrates the radio as a way of educating people, providing information and promoting freedom of expression across cultures.

On this day, CFSI organised screening of film ‘Radio Comes to Rampur’ at multiple locations for the infotainment of children, while taking all necessary steps to prevent the spread of Covid19.

1. Rakshana Charitable Trust, Bangalore, Karnataka.

2. Dr.L.M.Dhruv Balashram, Surendranagar, Gujarat.

3. Observation Home, Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

4. Children’s Home, Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

5. Vishishta Dattak Grih Sanstha, Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

6. Rajkiya Kishor Grih, Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

7. Bhai Ghanayyaji Charitable Trust, Jalandhar, Punjab.

Synopsis of film Radio Comes to Rampur:

There was a time when one radio would become the star attraction of an entire village. Radio Comes to Rampur is not only nostalgic of those innocent times, but weaves a funny story around it. The village of Rampur is abuzz with the anticipation of the wonder box – radio that the landlord of the village wants to buy. The excitement, frenzy and the absence of knowledge about what a radio really is becomes the focal point of the village and every hilarious incident that takes place in it. When the landlord’s brother finally does bring the radio, the collision of anticipation with reality, leads to a rib-tickling anticlimax. The film humours children with the vision of a time hard to imagine today.