CFSI celebrated ‘World Photography Day’ by screening CFSI film ‘Foto’ directed by Virendra Saini starring Naseerudin Shah, Arjun, Tom Alter, Astha Verma, Ratna Pathak Shah, Geeta Sharma.

It is a story of Eleven year old Foto has a strong imagination and lives in his own world of fantasy. Other kids consider him strange since he does not interact with them. One day, a film unit comes to his hilly town to shoot. Foto is mesmerized to see the magicians create rain and lightening, image and colour, and sound and music at their will. A new world full of thrills, adventure and discovery opens up for him.

Alongwith film “ FOTO”, children also enjoyed the screening of films made by children based on ‘Cleanliness’ and a short animation film ‘Vaishnav Jan To’ based on principles of Mahtama Gandhiji conducted by CFSI in various schools of Maharashtra, in association with NGOs and also these films were screened at Bihar Bal Bhawan ‘Kilkari at Patna, Darbhanga and Bhagalpur and also the film was virtually screened by EDUSAT Network, Haryana.

20 shows were conducted covering 20,03,200 audiences.