Woh Katta (The Cutting Edge)

(The Cutting Edge)

Director: Mohan Kaul
Hindi – English subtitle/1964/B&W/58mins


Rafique, a poor boy living in Lucknow, aspires to be an expert kite flower. Being poor he does not have the means to buy either a good kite or strong thread. However, using grit and determination, Rafique faces many odds and ridicule to achieve his goal and become a champion kite flier.


Director’s Biography: Mohan Kaul
Mohan Kaul moved to Bombay from his native Srinagar to work with Erza Mir and later with noted German director Pauls Zils when he was based in Bombay. A self-taught filmmaker, he has worked as producer, director and editor on a number of films and TV and video projects. Among his most popular work includes the Marathi series ‘Gharkhul’ which he produced, directed and edited.