Vidyut (Electricity)


Director: Madhav Kunte


What is electricity and how is it made and stored? ‘Vidyut’ one of the earliest and pioneering animation films made in the country, explains the process through fun visuals


Director’s Biography: Madhav Kunte
Writer, producer, director and animator Madhav Kunte is an animation pioneer making over fifteen films with many winning major awards. Besides this, he is also a pioneer in the field of cinema equipment engineering, designing and developing a range of highly specialized, indigenously manufactured film equipments such as 35mm animation camera and stand, 16mm optical printer with bipack and 35mm special effect projection head:35mm and 16mm flat bed film editing machine (similar to Steinbeck) of which about fifty are in use in the Indian film industry: and video transfer and picture to U-matic video tape recoding.