The Runaways

Director:Shivendra Sinha
Hindi / 1976 / Colour / 60 minutes


Pappu and Juman are two dwarfs. Unable to take the humiliation at school they accept a circus job. Though they entertain everyone by their song and dance, they continue facing insults from the audience and the circus manager who treat them as oddities of nature. Disgusted at the crudeness of their lives and wallowing in self-pity, they run away. The circus manager sends the police after them. A hilarious chase ensues across land, sea and air with an absent-minded goofy policeman in tow. Pappu and Juman finally end up in a home for handicapped children where the plight of the disabled kids make them realize the fallacy of feeling sorry for themselves. The two finally decide to help these children in this tragic-comedy starring the legendary comedian Johnny Walker


Director Biography:

Shivendra Sinha did a diploma in Dramatic Art from London University and graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Later he studied and trained for theatre in Berlin as well as for radio, TV and film in different parts of Europe. Coming back to India he acted in and directed many plays and films and served on different arts and cultural bodies. ‘Phir Bhi’ in 1972 is his most notable film and won the National Award besides many other awards


Script Shivendra Sinha

Camera Jalil Qureshi

Editor Bhagwat Deshpande

Cast Johny Walker, Tuntun, Nathoo and Vindo