Tsunami 81

Director: Naeem Sha


During the 2004 Tsunami a five year old kid in Nagapattinam in Andhra Pradesh, is left orphan. A young adult Rajan also finds himself an orphan after his parents die. Fate brings the two together in a new place and they not only become family to each other but become part of a larger family as strangers come forward to help those in need. It is only in times of the greatest calamity that the greatest acts of humanity surfaces.


Director’s Biography: Naeem Sha
Naeem Sha is a clinical psychologist by education. He has been associated with some popular Hindi films as an assistant director and dialogue writer. These include ‘Mohra’, ‘Yudh’ and ‘Gupt’. Besides ‘Tsunami 81’ he has written and directed ‘Officer’ in 2001.