The Prince And The Crown Of Stone

Director: Gautam Benegal
English/2008/Colour/60mins (Also available in: Hindi, Tamil)


Prince Hironmoy of Hirokpur is spoilt by his father, the powerful king Rudrapratap. A teacher, narrating stories of good kingship, inspires in him a sense of justice. Charged up, the young prince leaves his palace to bring justice to his people. Unfortunately he is mistaken to be an ordinary boy, captured and put to work alongside his other subjects in the diamond mines owned by his cruel father. How will the prince escape his plight? Would he manage in opening his father’s eyes to reality?


Director’s Biography: Gautam Benegal
Writer, director and animator Gautam Benegal showed aptitude for graphic arts from an early age with his illustrations appearing in some major magazines and newspapers early on. He animated a pre-school TV series for University Grants Commission and a film for the National School of Design, Ahmedabad. Benegal worked with renowned animator Ram Mohan for two years. He has made many animation films and won the National Award for Best Animation Film of the year 2008 for ‘Prince And The Crown Of Stones’. He has also written a book, ’17 Bondel Road’