Celebration of Swachhta Hi Seva (SHS) 2019 – Plastic Waste Management Campaign

During Independence Day speech on 15th August 2019, the Honourable Prime Minister made call to nation, to work towards ridding our country from plastic waste. Hence, the theme of this year’s SHS is Plastic Waste Management.

The Plastic Free India Drive will run from 11th Sep to 27th October in 3 stages.

Stage 1 Mass Public Awareness Drive 11th  September to 1st  October                      
Stage 2 श्रमदान for Plastic Waste Collection 2nd  October                
Stage 3 Proper Disposal of Plastic Waste 3rd October to 27th October

In first Stage of campaign to spread the awareness about ‘Plastic  Waste Management’,  Children’s Film Society India (CFSI), is organising screening of CFSI’s film ‘Pappu Ki Pugdandi’ (Hindi /90 minutes) which showcases how to make ‘Best out of Waste’.

Note: For free shows, kindly contact us at marketing@cfsindia.org or call us at 022-23516127  Ext Nos. 27-32


Plastic Waste Management Campaign on 19th September 2019 by CFSI Delhi

CFSI Delhi Staff conducted a campaign on plastic waste management on 19th September 2019.  Staff have collected plastic waste outside Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Metro Station and Park near Lodhi road under the Swachchta Hi Sewa 2019 campaign.

Swachhta Hi Sewa – Plastic Waste Management Campaign, Workshop by CFSI Chennai

In concurrence with Govt. of India’s “Plastic Waste Management Campaign”, CFSI, Chennai had organized a workshop in Corporation Middle School, Mirsahibpet. About 35 children participated in the workshop. Mr. Thangaraj, NGC Co-ordinator explained children about the hazardous impact of plastic use in day-to-day life, how to avoid plastic with other alternatives & re-use plastic in a creative way. Models made by children were exhibited in the school.

Plastic Waste Management Campaign, Workshop by CFSI, Mumbai.

To spread awareness on ‘Plastic Waste Management’, CFSI Mumbai conducted workshop on “Plastic Waste Management” on 25th September, 2019 in Purva Byculla MCGM Secondary School, Mumbai.

Mr. Subhash Dalvi, OSD, Swachh Bharat, MCGM conducted the workshop on “Plastic Waste Management”. He explained the students about the use of plastic recycling and effective disposal of the collected plastic waste and he also explained how use of plastic is harmful in everyday life and instead use other alternatives, which will help to have a green and better environment.

More than 170 students attended the workshop.

‘Pappu ki Pugdandi’ screened at Jaipur and Jodhpur

CFSI film “Pappu Ki Pugdandi” directed by Seemaa Desai was screened and workshop was also conducted by Ms. Rakhi Iyer – story teller by profession for children on the adage of Mahatma Gandhi – “Be the change you wish to see in the world” on 2nd & 3rd Oct at Jaipur and 12th Oct at Jodhpur to impress the need to practice 4 R’s – REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE & RESPECT.

More than 2700 children were benefited.

CFSI film ‘Pappu ki Pugdandi’ based on ‘Best out of Waste’ screened during SHS – Plastic Waste Management Drive.

Under this year’s theme of ‘Swachhta Hi Seva – 2019’ – Plastic Waste Management Campaign held from 11th September, 2019 to 27th October, 2019, CFSI headquarters, Delhi and Chennai branch offices in association with various NGOs, / Centres / Organisations, Education Departments, screened CFSI film ‘Pappu ki Pugdandi’ (Hindi / 90 minutes) which showcases how to make ‘Best out of Waste’. This film was screened in various in Govt. Schools, Remand homes, Observation Home & Children’s Homes, to spread awareness about NO USE OF PLASTICREUSE, RECYCLE OF PLASTIC.

The film was also virtually screened through MCGM Virtual Studio, Mumbai and Haryana EDUSAT Network.

Lok Sabha T.V. telecast the film on 6th October, 2019.  On 13th and 20th October, 2019, the film was telecast by Doordarshan Kendra, Mumbai. The film was also telecast on Doordarshan National Network on 4th October, 2019 and repeat telecast on 19th October, 2019.