Director: Vishal Chaturvedi


Surabhi worries both her parents and teachers, not because she is naughty, but because she has no interests. Neither does she want to play anything, nor does she like to study at school. She dislikes interacting with anyone, and sits quietly on her own. One day her teacher, Mr. D’Souza, sees Surabhi fiddling with a piano in school. Taking it as a cue of her interest, her teachers and parents encourage her to learn playing the piano only for her to excel in it. The message of this film is simple – even the most disinterested looking child has some talent that can be found by sensitive observation and nurtured by the patience of adults.


Director’s Biography: Vishal Chaturvedi
Vishal Chaturvedi has been associated with the film and TV industry for the past 15 years. He has produced and directed many music albums and also made several serials for Doordarshan.