Summer With The Ghosts

Director: Bernd Neuburger
English/2004/Colour/85mins (Also available in: Hindi)


Caroline is a 10 year old girl who lives in Montreal, Canada. Her father is a filmmaker. She is visiting her father on the sets of a film being shot in a medieval Austrian castle. Things begin to go haywire during the shooting and the unit is unable to figure out what’s wrong. Caroline suspects sabotage and decides to investigates. She teams up with a local Austrian boy Jakob to finally discover the culprit – the ghosts of five nuns. But who are these ghosts and where did they come from? What do they really want?


Director’s Biography: Bernd Neuburger
Bernd Neuburger is a member of Extra Films, a production company founded in 1980 by half a dozen cineartists to produce their own films. As a director of photography, Neuburger has worked with several leading filmmakers of Europe. At the same time, he has worked on his own films like ‘Jonathon and the Witch’, ‘Holidays with Sylvester’ etc. He has also made many documentaries and short films.