Director: Gul Bahar Singh
Hindi / 2001 / Colour / 80mins


Ravi and Sunny live in separate blocks of their multistoried building. The two kids are captains of their blocks’ cricket teams and take their sporting rivalry seriously and to absurd extents. A match is finally set to decide once and for all the better team. Both the groups put their soul into the match as it inches towards a nail biting finish. Just then, they hear of an accident on a nearby road where a man is gasping for life. As they assess the situation, the sworn rivals realize that they have to put their enmity aside to save this man. But would the kids be able to see the fallacy of their enmity and rise to the occasion?


Director’s Biography: Gul Bahar Singh
Gul Bahar Singh has made a number of feature, documentary and short films in Hindi, English, Bengali and Punjabi. He has won National Awards for the documentaries ‘Anukaran’, ‘Biotechnology: Some Possibilities’, ‘Bheet’ and ‘Gotipua’. He has also made many TV series on a variety of subjects.