On the occasion of Independence Day on 15th August 2018, Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI) in association with Dongri Children’s Remand Home screened CFSI’s patriotic film ‘Senani Sane Guruji’ directed by Ramesh Deo at the Remand Home at Dongri, Mumbai.

Senani Sane Guruji is a film about renowned social reformer and freedom fighter, Sane Guruji was born in a poor Brahmin family. Though his mother died young, she remained a huge influence on the young Sane who completed his education against innumerable odds and became a teacher. He joined the Indian freedom movement and was jailed many times. He also fought against social evils like the caste system and women’s subjugation. Adapted from a biography of Sane Guruji by Raja Mangalvadekar, the film that has won many awards, tries to acquaint today’s children to the life and work of this inspirational social reformer with an aim to inspire them to be brave and courageous.