CFSI film School Chalega…? directed by Ameet Prajapati won the ‘Best Feature Fiction’ in the International Children’s Film Festival of Jaipur held from 25 to 27 July, 2018.

It is a story of a 12 year old deaf and mute boy Goonj left alone on the crowed station of Dadar, comes on the radar of a child trafficking gang led by Usmaan. Kaali a street-smart kid who lives in the government’s observation home, spots helpless Goonj. Their communication failure becomes the foundation of their true friendship. The chase begins when Usmaan involves Vijju, the boss of all the street-smart kids, in the same, at the end with the help of other kids, Kaali manages to save Goonj’s life and helps him to meet his mother the next morning. The child trafficking gang gets busted.