Director: Shashank Shankar
Hindi- English Subtitle/1987/Colour/103mins


Jonti, Bubul and Dhanai live near a Rhino reserve in Assam. Playing in the forest one morning they discover the carcass of a Rhino trapped in a pit with his horn cut off. The kids inform the forest ranger. Later when they overhear the conversation of a smuggler fixing a place to transfer rhino horns, the kids rush to inform the ranger only to find him away. It is now up to the brave kids to help save the forest. But would they be able to face up to the might of the gang of smugglers and poachers? Shot beautifully in the abundant forests of Assam, the film aspires to instill the values of protecting nature in a non preachy and entertaining manner.


Director’s Biography: Shashank Shankar
Son of famous dancer Sachin Shankar, Shashank has been associated with stage since childhood. After graduating in commerce, he assisted eminent director Hrishikesh Mukherjee for 12 years and assisted Amol Palekar in the making of the award-winning film ‘Akriet’. He has since made many TV series. ‘Rhino’ is his first feature film.