Raju Aur Gangaram

Director: Erza Mir


On a rainy day, Raju finds a parrot who has taken shelter in his verandah. Raju’s surprise knows no bounds when the parrot speaks and introduces himself as Gangaram. In due course, the two become good friends and Raju cannot bear separation from the parrot. Hence it saddens him that he cannot take Gangaram to school. To add to his worry is a cat who wants to eat Gangaram. One day, returning from school, Raju finds Gangaram missing. Did the cat eat the parrot?


Director’s Biography: Erza Mir
Ezra Mir began his cinema career as a stage and silent film actor for Madan Theatres. In 1924 he went to New York and worked in bit roles and in editing and story departments at Universal Pictures and United Artists. He returned to India and made films like ‘Noorjehan’, ‘Zarina’, ‘Rickshawala’ and ‘Sitara’. Inspired by the ‘March of Time’ series, he turned to documentary with ‘Road To Victory’ (1939). Since then Mir served on many governmental film bodies including Films Division and CFSI and worked in different capacities – director, producer, writer, cameraman etc., in over 700 films making him a pioneer of documentary cinema in India.