Director: Ram Gabale


Rahul’s mother, too weak to work in the fields, accepts employment as a maid to the queen. When the queen’s jewels are stolen, she is blamed and sent to prison. Rahul decides to clear his mother’s name. On learning of a magic mirror that shows the past, present and future, he undertakes the risky task of finding it. With its help, he shows the king and queen who the real culprit is and Rahul’s mother is freed. The king, impressed with Rahuls bravery, asks the mother and son to stay in the palace and arranges for Rahul to study with the princess.

Director’s Biography: Ram Gabale
Ram Gabale was the Director of Films for the Government of Maharashtra before joining Films Division. A highly regarded documentary filmmaker, two of his films – ‘Phool Aur Kaliyan’ and ‘The Story of Dr. Karve’, have won National Awards.