Pandit Bholanath (Simpleton Priest)

(Simpleton Priest)

Director: Parvati Menon


True to his name, Pandit Bholanath is a simpleton. Once travelling through a forest a tiger and a fox ask him to release them from their cage. Once released, the fox is grateful but the hungry tiger threatens to devour the priest. Taking pity on his plight, the clever fox intervenes. But can he outfox the strong tiger and save the priest?


Director’s Biography: Parvati Menon
After completing a degree in Law, Parvati Menon decided to make her career in films instead and became one of the first students at the newly instituted FTII in the 1960s. A prolific director, Parvati’s main concern in cinema has been children. She has taught, researched and written about cinema, while also writing, directing and producing many feature, documentary and short films. She has served as jury for many film festivals worldwide.