Nandu Ka Raja (Nandu’s King)

(Nandu’s King)

Director: Shaleen Sharma


Nandu is a small boy growing up in the limitation of his village and fixed mindset of his grandmother. He cannot even dream of going to school, but is happy with his life till one day he gets the desire to meet the President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Nandu innocently thinks of him as the king of the country. In his pursuit, he meets a retired army man who inspires him to join the army. However, Nandu soon realizes that he will have to study hard and become somebody important in life to achieve his dream. Will Nandu, saddled by the limitation of his life and village, be able to achieve the impossible?


Director’s Biography: Shaleen Sharma
An architect by qualification, Shaleen has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Delhi and a Masters degree in Film & Architecture from De Montfort Universtiy, Leicester, UK. He has made many documentaries on architecture, anthropology, history and culture. “Nandu Ka Raja” is his first feature children film.