Mitti Aur Chand (Clay and the Moon)

(Clay and the Moon)

Director: Paushali Ganguli


10 year old Chand admires his father’s artistry and helps him make clay toys. Over time modern kid’s fascination for plastic toys, drive them out of business. Poverty forces Chand to work in the city as a domestic servant. Here he uses wheat flour to make toys. Chand’s old friend Devrup tries to help him by entering an owl he has made into a competition. However Devrup’s jealous friend breaks the toy just before the competition. Chand is heartbroken as there is no time to make a new toy but Devrup inspires him and the two strike upon an innovative idea? What is that? Would it win Chand the prize?


Director’s Biography: Paushali Ganguli
A post graduate in history, Paushali Ganguli has worked as a freelance writer and made several TV programs, animation films, promos and ad films. Her short animation film ‘The Pink Camel’ produced by CFSI, won the National Award for Best Animation Short for the year 2002. ‘Mitti Aur Chand’ is her debut feature.