Children of Rhythm

Director: Ramachandran K
Malayalam / 2015 / Colour / 25 Minutes


God created nature where wild animals and birds have as much share as humans. They have as much right to live as humans. What right do humans have, to kill animals in the name of game-hunting? The ideal way is to live and let live – that is the message of the film.


Director Biography
Work as an Art Organiser

I have been an active and effective presence in the field of performing and contemporary arts, both visual and aural for over two and half decades. I am a founder member and principal mentor of Keli, a Mumbai based cultural organization. Under the banner of Keli, I have had the privilege to lead it’s relentless pursuit of excellence in the arts and organised significant cultural festivals in Mumbai for the last two decades. It was also my privilege to initiate and execute the publication of two books by Keli, one “Proud Imprints of Natyaveda” documenting the life and work of some of the most prominent masters of a variety of art forms and another, ‘Abhinethri’ (The Actress) by Usha Nangyar on the female presence in the world’s most ancient theatre tradition, Koodiyattam. These works exemplify the creative impulses that Keli represent. It is the strength and dynamism that I derived from such endeavours that motivated me to attempt the task of documentary films in greater depth and pervasiveness.

  • Screenplay: Ramachandran
  • Cinematographer: M.J. Radhakrishnan
  • Editor: Venugopal