Mahateerth (Great Pilgrimage)

(Great Pilgrimage)

Director: Kedar Sharma
Hindi/1961/B&W/45mins (Also available in: Marathi, English, Gujarati)


Kailashi is an old lady. She serves as the nanny to Munna, the tiny son of Munshi Indramani. After a new maid servant is appointed in Kailashi’s place, Munna misses his old nanny and demands her recalls. Kailashi meanwhile is getting ready for a pilgrimage. Hence when she is recalled she is faced with the predicament of choosing between the two. In the end she chooses her duty towards the little boy as she believes that taking care of little Munna is no less than a pilgrimage. Mahateerth is based on a short story by Munshi Premchand.


Director’s Biography: Kedar Sharma
Writer, director actor and producer Milind Ganesh Dastane is associated with both Hindi and Marathi films. He has been part of many commercial films, television series and documentaries with many renowned directors in both the languages. ‘Aaji Ajoba’ is Milind’s first film as a director and co-producer.