Little Varju and Friendly Flute

Director: Rani Day Burra


Little Varju’s friend, philosopher and guide is his owl – Serwing. Varju’s uncle takes him away, promising his mother to give Varju a good education. However, the crooked uncle turns Varju into a bonded laborer. On being given an impossible task, the owl’s friendly flute converges every forest animal who not only do the task, but thrash the horrified uncle and free Varuju.


Director’s Biography: Rani Day Burra
Trained as a scripwritter at FTII, Pune, Rani Day Burra has had a hectic career as a film journalist, screen writer and director. Early on she edited various Indian periodicals including ‘Cinema Vision, India’ and ‘Cinema in India’ and many festival publications. She was part of the team that wrote the script for the feature-length animation film ‘Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama’. She has also written the script for films like ‘Hangama Bombay Ishtyle’, ‘Rakhee’ and ‘Mausi’