Lion And The Rabbit

Director: V G Samant


When a greedy lion kills more animals than he eats, the animals of the jungle promise to send him one animal everyday. When it is the turn of the rabbit, he hatches a plan and fools the strong lion. Based on a Panchatantra story, the film illustrates the triumph of intelligence over brute force.


Director’s Biography: V G Samant
After acquiring a diploma in drawing and painting in 1957, V G Samant joined the Cartoon Film Unit of the Films Division in 1959 and graduated to become its first Chief Animator. Several of his films including ‘Law of Nature’, ‘Precious Water’ and ‘Race with Death’ have won national and international awards with the ‘Tree of Life’ being his most celebrated film. An ardent educationalist, he loves conducting animation workshops for children and specialist with equal zeal.