Director: Batul Mukhtiar
Hindi/2006/Colour/69mins (Also available in: Tamil, Kannada, Bengali)


Poverty forces little Lilkee, originally from Nainital, to become a domestic help for architect Bela in Mumbai. She has difficulty in adjusting to city life. To add insult to injury she is humiliated by a gang of four girls from a rich family. Later, when the girls come to know of her plight, they not only befriend Lilkee but try to raise money to help her go back to Nainital. But full of self respect, Lilkee politely refuses. One day, the girls ask her to accompany them to the sea during school hours. Lilkee informs her employer but the other girls don’t tell their parents. When the children don’t return for a long time, the parents get worried. After being found, they scold their girls but Lilkee’s sense of responsibility wins over Bela who admits her to a school.


Director’s Biography: Batul Mukhtiar
Batul Mukhtiar graduated in direction from FTII. She directed two short fiction films as diploma projects for the Film Institute and has worked as a researcher, producer coordinator and associate producer with international documentary crews shooting in Mumbai. In 2002, she made ‘150 Seconds Ago’, a documentary on the survivors of the earthquake that devastated the city of Bhuj (Kutch) in 2001.