Lallu The Loafer

Director: Asha Dutta


Bittu and his sister Kuntal enter a painting competition. Bittu draws a lovely picture of a young boy to which he gets so attached that he does not submit it. Kuntal makes fun of him and calls the painting Lallu. Both fight, after which Kuntal crumples the painting, ties it to a gas balloon and lets it loose skywards. Bittu is hurt and goes to sleep where he dreams that the picture has come to life.


Director’s Biography: Asha Dutta
Asha Dutta is a graduate in cinematography from FTII. She has been part of many short and documentary films, including ‘Chatpat Chunmum’ for CFSI. She has also been associated with two international Children’s Film Festivals and has worked on a feature film ‘Meri Kahani’, produced by NFDC.