Lagi Sharth (Let’s Bet)

(Let’s Bet)

Director: Raghuvir Kulkarni


Bipin loves books and is fond of real-life adventures. Viju is his inseparable companion. Atul, a cunning man of histrionic talent, throws Bipin a challenge to go round Mumbai in search of 10 volumes of an encyclopedia in 12 hours beginning at the Gateway of India. Bipin, with the expectation of adventure, takes up the challenge. The expedition turns out to be an obstacle race with Atul chasing and obstructing Bipin’s pursuit under various disguises. Will Bipin and Viju manage to get rid of the problems on the way and win the bet? ‘Lagi Sharth’ is a hilarious, adventurous ride through the crazy streets of Mumbai?


Director’s Biography: Raghuvir Kulkarni
Playwright, poet, cartoonist and director Raghuvir Kulkarni studied art in the J J Institute of Applied Arts. As a playwright he has won awards for his plays “Kolishtak”, “Choohe” & “Devaski”. He has directed many films, among them ‘Mohare’ starring Nana Patekar and Mahuri Dixit and ‘Lagi Sharth’ for CFSI.