Kutte Ki Kahani (A Dog’s Story)

(A Dog’s Story)

Director: Harsukh Bhatt


Meena and Mohan belong to an orthodox Brahmin family. When the brother and sister pair adopt a mongrel puppy Moti and bring it home, the parents are unhappy. After the puppy disturbs the father during prayer, he asks the stray to be thrown out. The children instead keep it in a nearby abandoned house and feed it. Once Raju, the rich landlords son shows off his pedigree dogs and humiliates Meena and Mohan. The two insulted kids begin training Moti to be better than Raju’s dogs. Moti grows up to become strong and intelligent who not only saves Raju from drowning, but also catches a thief once. But caught as they are in their own prejudices, would these brave acts of Moti be enough for the family to accept him as their own?


Director’s Biography: Harsukh Bhatt
Brother of a doyen of Indian cinema, Vijay Bhatt, Harsukh Bhatt was a graduate in English Literature. He began in cinema by assisting his brother Vijay in directing many successful films like ‘Ram Baan’ and ‘Baiju Bawra’. Later he branched out on his own and wrote and directed films. He also made many documentaries and short films.