Krish, Trish & Baltiboy

Director: Munjal Shroff & Tilak Raj Shetty
Hindi –English Subtitle/2009/Colour - 2D/60mins (Also available in: Tamil, Bengali)


Krish a monkey, Trish a cat and Baltiboy a donkey are 3 minstrels who take you on an exotic journey to the land of Indian Folk tales and folk music. These endearing characters take you to three different region of India – Rajasthan, Kerala and Punjab.


From the deserts of Rajasthan comes the very emotional folk story of how the gluttony of a queen would have torn apart a deer family but for the intervention of a wise king who realizes his folly through the emotional experience of the deer-hunter.


Travel to the back waters of Kerala and meet the Rich landlord and how he discovers the secret of happiness by finding a cure for his greed.


And finally from the wheat fields of Punjab meet the brave farmer’s wife and the not so brave farmer. See how this smart woman deals with a man-eating tiger and outwits him by her sharp thinking and presence of mind.


Discover folk wisdom presented in an artistic manner through magnificent folk art and watch how this magnificent art comes alive through the medium of animation.


Director’s Biography: Munjal Shroff & Tilak Raj Shetty
Mr. Munjal Shroff


Munjal’s passion for the visual medium drew him to the field of animation and visual effects. He co-founded his animation studio, Graphiti in 1995 and his passion for creating original content and understanding of the business of kid’s entertainment has helped to establish his animation studio as a content powerhouse. He has forged partnerships with some of the biggest names in kids entertainment and has helped put India on the map for Original content. In his role as a producer he has developed and co-produced shows such as “J bole toh Jadoo” with Nickelodeon and is currently developing an animated feature with Turner.


A computer engineer by education Munjal’s passion for the visual medium drew him to the field of animation and visual effects. With more than 13 years of experience in directing and producing but also creating tools for achieving excellence in animation he has been instrumental in moulding Graphiti into one of the most formidable players in the Indian animation industry. Graphiti is today recognized for its creative flair and technical brilliance.


Before entering the filed of animation he setup the Lala Lajpatrai Computer Academy. He has also managed and setup the IT infrastructure and software solution for the family owned advertising film distribution company M. I. Shroff. The company provides its distribution expertise to major advertising agencies to plan and implement national advertising film campaigns based on census information, population demographics and sales distribution networks.


Mr. Tilak Shetty


A unique combination of technical and creative flair, Tilak graduated to the role of an Animation Director after co-authoring eight books on computer programming. Tilak has been instrumental in bringing Graphiti to the forefront of Indian Animation Industry. He has more than 18 years of experience in the animation industry and has seen the industry metamorph from 2D to 3D.


He has directed over 500 ad films and was the series director of “J Bole Toh Jadoo”, a live action cum CG children’s TV serial based on the famous alien character Jadoo from the megahit “Koi Mil Gaya”. The show is a co-production between Graphiti and Nickelodeon. Currently doing a feature with Turner International


He has received a number of awards for his various roles in animation production.