Sajjare Phool (Blooming Flowers)

(Blooming Flowers)

Director: Sukhdev Ahluwalia
Punjabi/1981/Colour/84mins (Also available in: Hind, Tamil – English Subtitle)


Pappu is the son of a hardworking peasant Suvarna who believes in cooperative farming. This leads the village landlord and his wife to plot against and falsely implicate him for theft. Suvarna is arrested and sent to jail. A distraught Pappu with the help of his friend Munni and the village postman decides to expose the landlord and his wife. They look at options to implement their plans till they discover a weakness in the landlords wife. Would that be enough for the two little kids to achieve their mighty task? Originally made in Punjabi with the name ‘Sajre Phool’, ‘Khilte Suman’ attempts to sensitize children to the evils of the feudal system while explaining options like cooperative farming to optimize a farmer’s efforts.


Director’s Biography: Sukhdev Ahluwalia
Sukhdev Ahluwalia oined the film industry in 1955 as an assistant cameraman, working with Modern Studios and Raman Productions before switching over to writing and direction. A prominent filmmaker from Punjab, over the last four decades he has written and directed many films including ‘Do Sher’, ‘Dharamjeet’ ‘Taakra’, ‘Jai Mata Sheron Wali’, ‘Kunwaara Mama’, ‘Til Til Dalekha’ (that won Punjab State Govt. award for best story in 1979) etc. He has also made dozens of video films.