Director: Prakash Arora
Hindi / 1966 / B&W / 79 Minutes


This film is based on a story by the famour writer Munshi Prem Chand. It deals with a village postal runner who endears himself to children.


Director’s Biography: Prakash Arora

Prakash arora was born in farukhabad in Uttar Pradesh, and studies at Allahabad University.; He then moved to Bombay where he started working with Prithviraj Kapoor, Later, he became first assistant to director Raj Kapoor on his early film successes such as “Aag”, “Awara” and “Barsaat”, Arora is credited as being the director of the famour feature film “Boot Polish”. On forming his own banner of arora Films. Prakash Arora went on to make fortyeight feature films. He now live in London.