Kaya Palat (Life Prolonging)

(Life Prolonging)

Director: Satyen Bose
Hindi/1983/Colour/120mins (Also available in: Tamil)


Dr. Rai is a brilliant post graduate student. He experiments to conquer time and make humanity ageless. Fellow scientist Kalicharan is jealous of his achievements and tries to sabotage his experiment by mixing the wrong chemical in his portion. This has surprisingly different result than expected and Dr. Rai turns into a boy of 10. As an adult in a child’s body, Dr. Rai helps the police solve many difficult cases. However he misses his old self and longs to be an adult again. Kaya Palat is directed by the legendary director Satyen Bose and features the famous actor Ashok Kumar.


Director’s Biography: Satyen Bose
One of the most successful and experimental filmmakers of India, Satyen Bose had no formal training in cinema but rose to become a prominent director and a master of the cinematic medium. His off-beat Bengali film ‘Parivartan’ in 1949 was a trailblazer and was remade into the immensely popular Hindi film ‘Jagruti’. He worked in many films in his career as writer, director as well as actor. His film ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’ is an eternal comedy-classic of Indian cinema. ‘Dosti’ in 1964 won him global recognition. His other notable films include ‘Bandi’ (1957), ‘Aasra’ (1966) and ‘Raat Aur Din’ (1967).