Director: M S Sathyu


Celebrated director M S Sathyu uses the highly talented pantomime artist and actor Irshad Panjatan to portray, through mime, the various stages in a man’s life.


Director’s Biography: M S Sathyu
M.S. Sathyu, an internationally renowned filmmaker and theatre director, moved to Bombay from Mysore in 1952. He did a variety of jobs including animation, documentary, TV films, TV serials, designing and directing plays and even wrote a script for a ballet before making ‘Garm Hava’ in 1974, that became one of the best films on the partition and won him a Golden Palm nomination at the Cannes Film Festival including several awards in India. He has since made films like ‘Bara’ and ‘Kanneshwara Rama’ while also directing many successful plays. ‘Kala Parvat’ is an Indo-Russian joint collaboration with Alexander Zagurdi.