Innondu Mukha (The Other Face)

(The Other Face)

Director: Vadiraj
Kannada – Englsih Subtitle /1997/Colour/130mins


12 year old Raju is disabled due to infantile paralysis and lives with his mother. He spends his evening with Shekar, who despite being the owner of an estate is seemingly kind to others. Raju and Shekar talk about murder mysteries as Raju loves reading crime novels. One day Raju inadvertently becomes the witness to the murder of a girl in Shekar’s home. However, when he informs the police, they find nothing wrong there. Shekar convinces Raju’s mother of his madness and sends him to an asylum. Raju maybe physically disabled, but he is not one to give up. He plans his escape from the asylum to expose the truth.


Director’s Biography: Vadiraj
Vadiraj started his career as actor in Kannada and Tamil theatre, acting in over 1500 stage shows. He debuted in films in 1954 with ‘Kokilavani’ and acted in over 75 Kannada, Tamil and Telugu films. He turned producer in 1962 and has produced 14 Kannada films, many of which have won state and national awards. ‘Navajivana’ and ‘Naandi’, both produced by him in 1964, won National Awards. He turned director in 1979 and directed five Kannada films. He served on several state and national award juries. He died in 2004