In Search Of Truth

Director: Kewaldas Bansod
Hindi/1990/Colour/21mins (Also available in: Malayalam)


Asit Muni predicts a nomadic life for prince Siddhartha of Kapilavastu. Fearing the prediction, the prince’s parents impose restriction on his movements. Once, surveying the boundary of his kingdom, the prince sees an old man, a sick man and finally a dying man for the first time in his life. The bewildered prince becomes contemplative and one night leaves his riches and comforts in search of truth. The prince would later become the great Gautam Buddha.


Director’s Biography: Kewaldas Bansod
Kewaldas Bansod has a degree in Fine Art from Bombay. He remained associated with the Animation Department of Films Division for Twenty-three years. While helping others make their films, he also directed and animated his own films. These include ‘Weave Me Some Flowers’, ‘Karuna Ki Vijay’ (National Award Winner) and ‘Chious’ (Award-winner at 14th International Film Festival, 1969, West Germany).