Engalalum Mudiyam (Hum Bhi Kuch Kam Nahi) – We Are No Less

We Are No Less

Director: T. Prakash Rao
Tamil/1982/Colour/90mins (Also available in: Kannada, Hindi, Telugu)


An institution for the handicapped is run on land belonging to a rich, but disinterested landlord. The landlord has two sons. The older Ramu is arrogant while the younger one is lame. After Ramu is defeated in a football match by a crippled inmate Ravi, he takes revenge by evicting the institution inmates from their property. To add to his woes, the homeless Ravi is kidnapped by gangsters who want to use him as a beggar. With nothing going his way, can Ravi save himself? Will the rich landlord see the error of his ways and reinstate the institution? As Ravi proves, some people may be disabled, but they are no less than others.


Director’s Biography: T. Prakash Rao
A veteran film director who hails from Andhra Pradesh, T. Prakash Rao has been in the forefront of film activities in southern India. His prodigious output covers over eighty feature films made in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. Rao has also served on several film bodies and has been lauded and awarded at many international film festivals. He has made two children’s films, ‘Ganga Bhavani’ and ‘Engalallum Mudyam’. He died in 1992.


2nd Best Children’s Film – Tamilnadu State Film Awards – India –