Himmat (Courage)


Director: Ved Rahi


Amrik and Surjit are two kids living in a village of Jammu & Kashmir. During a terrorist attack at the height of insurgency in the state, their fathers are among the 15 killed after a band of 40 terrorists attack their village. Despite being grief stricken, the kids and the villagers realize that unless they find means to defend themselves, more of them would be killed. They arm themselves with whatever weapons available and the next time the terrorist attack, the kids and the villagers fight them off. The kids are awarded for their bravery during the grand Republic Day ceremony. This is a dramatization of a real story.


Director’s Biography: Ved Rahi
Ved Rahi is a Bollywood filmmaker and writer who has given dialogues for many popular films. He has also directed the film ‘Veer Savarkar’ in 2001 and has made serials, the most popular being ‘Gul Gulshan Gulfaam’. Recently, his novel ‘Lal Ded’ which is based on the life of Kashmiri saint poetess of the same name, was adjudget the best novel in the Dongri language.