Heerer Prajapati (Diamond Broach)

(Diamond Broach)

Director: Santi P. Chowdhury


Pishima is a typical, formidable aunt. She owns an expensive diamond broach that is shaped like a butterfly. During a visit to her brother’s place, she has it with her. At night, she hides it in a flower pot, considering it to be safe. However, it goes missing. Even as Pishima and her nieces search for the diamond broach, a series of comical situation develop leading the broach to travel from one place to another, going further away from its rightful owner. Would Pishima ever get it back, and how?


Director’s Biography: Santi P. Chowdhury
Educated first at Presidency College, Calcutta then Glasgow University, London, Shanti P. Chowdhury was actively associated with the British Film Society movement. In the mid-fifties he worked closely with Satyajit Ray, assisting him in writing scripts and representing his films globally. He made many feature, documentary and short films and won awards for them.


Awards- Prime Minister’s Gold Medal – National Film Festival – India – 1968