Hame Khelne Do (Let Us Play)

(Let Us Play)

Director: Rajendra Sharma


In a small town, two groups of children play cricket on its congested streets. The groups – one called elephants and the other tigers – are bitter rivals fighting for the little space they have amongst them. A local landlord disturbed by this enmity between kids devices a plan to make them friends. He offers the two groups a plot of rocky land for their common playground, provided they get down to leveling it together. Though overjoyed initially at finally having their own place to play, they are appalled at the thought of working with their rivals. Can they bury their enmity for a common goal?


Director’s Biography: Rajendra Sharma
Rajendra Sharma graduated in law and went to Calcutta to work in films. Working first as assistant director, he later secured a job as production controller in Ranjit Studios. He went on to make many films. He then joined CFSI and on their behalf wrote, produced and directed several films.