Guru Bhakti (Devotion)


Director: Rajendra Sharma


Eklavya, a tribal boy, wants to learn archery from the great teacher Dronacharya. Unable to do so because he lacks royal blood, he spies upon the teacher Dronacharya when he is teaching the Kauravas and Pandavas. He builds a mud statue of Dronacharya, considers him his guru in his heart and practices archery diligently. He soon becomes a great archer, better than even those being taught by the Guru himself. Based on a story from the epic Mahabharata, Guru Bhakti impresses upon the kids the importance of devotion and determination in reaching ones goals.


Director’s Biography: Rajendra Sharma
Rajendra Sharma graduated in law and went to Calcutta to work in films. Working first as assistant director, he later secured a job as production controller in Ranjit Studios. He went on to make many films. He then joined CFSI and on their behalf wrote, produced and directed several films.