Gulab Ka Phool (The Rose Among Flowers)

(The Rose Among Flowers)

Director: Kedar Sharma


The great Moghal emperor Akbar, was known for his wisdom, tolerance and fairness. The film highlights some key moments from the boyhood days of the great king to show what made him a rose among flowers.


Director’s Biography: Kedar Sharma
Director, producer, writer and lyricist Kedar Sharma was an early doyen of Hindi cinema. He slogged in Calcutta as a still cinema photographer, set painter and bit-part actor before writing the dialogues and lyrics for the Hindi adaptation of ‘Devdas’. He then directed the smash hits ‘Chitralekha’, ‘Neel Kamal’, ‘Bawre Nain’ and ‘Jogan’ and is credited for starting the careers of some of Hindi cinema’s great actors like Geeta Bali, Madhubala and Raj Kapoor. At the request of Jawaharlal Nehru, he joined CFSI and made many feature, short and documentary films.