Golden Axe

Director: Parvati Menon


Bhola, an honest woodcutter, drops his axe in the river while cutting a tree. The river god appears and first offers him a silver axe and then a golden one. Bhola refuses both, insisting that his axe was old, rusty and made of iron. Pleased with his honesty, the river god gives him all three. Lalchi, a greedy villager, hears of this story, and tries to do the same. Sadly, his greed lands him in trouble. The film tells kids that honesty is always rewarded and greed, punished.


Director’s Biography: Parvati Menon
After completing a degree in Law, Parvati Menon decided to make her career in films instead and became one of the first students at the newly instituted FTII in the 1960s. A prolific director, Parvati’s main concern in cinema has been children. She has taught, researched and written about cinema, while also writing, directing and producing many feature, documentary and short films. She has served as jury for many film festivals worldwide.