Gilli Gilli Atta

Director: Pankaj Parashar


Shankar is a criminal who turns his life around and becomes a business man. He is delighted when his wife gives birth to twins. However Anna, his arch-enemy from his old days, plots vengeance and kidnaps one baby. Chased by the police, the goons abandon the baby in a truck and run away. All hope seems lost for the defenseless infant when a little miracle saves his life. The film uses comedy to impress upon its audience that good always triumphs over evil in the end.


Director’s Biography: Pankaj Parashar
A reputed director of films and TV series, Pankaj Parashar is an alumnus of FTII, Pune. His diploma film for the institute ‘Malfunction’ won him a Filmfare Award for Best Documentary. Since then he has helmed the directorial chair for many reputed films, most notable being ‘Jalwa’ (1987) and ‘Chaal Baaz’ (1989), with the later winning him another Filmfare award. He also made the immensely popular ‘Karamchand’, India’s first detective series in 1985. Currently Pankuj divides his time making ad-films and working on his next feature film