Gauriya Ki Champi (Gauriya’s Massage)

(Gauriya’s Massage)

Director: Gautam Benegal


A little bird wants a head massage, but is refused by the barber. The angry bird vows to accomplish its task and goes to higher authorities. However, the little bird soon realizes what a big task, her small task really is. This folk tale from Bengal portrays the common man’s struggle in a discriminating society.


Director’s Biography: Gautam Benegal
Writer, director and animator Gautam Benegal showed aptitude for graphic arts from an early age with his illustrations appearing in some major magazines and newspapers early on. He animated a pre-school TV series for University Grants Commission and a film for the National School of Design, Ahmedabad. Benegal worked with renowned animator Ram Mohan for two years. He has made many animation films and won the National Award for Best Animation Film of the year 2008 for ‘Prince And The Crown Of Stones’. He has also written a book, ’17 Bondel Road’