Gaja Ukiler Hatya Rahashya (Mystery Of Gaja Lawyer’s Murder )

(Mystery Of Gaja Lawyer’s Murder )

Director: Jagannath Chottopadhyay
Bengali /2005/Colour/102mins


Gaja, a lawyer, is found dead in his room with a red towel wrapped tightly around his neck. His friend Gupi, the prime suspect, is absconding. Gupi meanwhile is being trailed by two pickpockets who are aware of the murder and think that Gupi has stolen money from Gaja. A series of hilarious incidents and chases later the four come face to face – Gupi, the two thieves and Gaja – the supposedly dead lawyer. Who was the dead person in Gaja’s room? What is the mystery of Gaja lawyer’s murder?


Director’s Biography: Jagannath Chottopadhyay
A prolific writer Jagannath Chottopadhyay was honoured with Rajat Kamal (National Award) for the best book on cinema in 1985 – ‘Chalachitra Abirblav’. He has made two telefilms for ETV, prior to directing ‘Gaja Ukiler Hatya Rahasya’. He is also a member of short filmmakers Association of Eastern India.