As per CFSI guidlnes those registerd on NITI Aayog Portal Can Conduct LCD Shows.

The Detailed guideline is available on CFSI Website. (

CFSI organises Children’s Film Festival (CFF) with Dist. Administration of District/State

A NGO can only conduct Children’s Film Festival, if they are registered on NITI Aayog Portal and full fills the guidelines of CFF. The roadmap of CFF is available on CFSI website. (

Yes, but as per the guidelines given in CFSI website. (

PAN No., Profile of Organization, and Annual report /Audit report of last 3 years, Income Tax return and other documents demanded by CFSI. The details are available on CFSI website (

NGO’s registered on the NGO Darpan Portal of “NITI AAYOG”

Rs. 1500/- per show are reimbursed, after receipt of original bills and report with photographs. Details are available on CFSI website. (

Yes. CFSI pays advance only to District State/Govt. Administration.

Reimbursment is made through PFMS portal, after LCD Projector shows are completed in all report conducted in all respect, as per the guidelines.

Detailed procedure for purchase of DVD is Available on CFSI website.

Each DVD cost Rs. 150/- . The rate card is available on CFSI website.

Yes. The rate card is available on CFSI website.

Yes The rate card is available on CFSI website.

Mostly available in major regional languages. Refer CFSI website for list of DVD.