Ek Tukro Chand (A Piece Of Moon)

(A Piece Of Moon)

Director: Pinaki Chaudhary


Important trade ties between India and the small African nation of Murundi, are soured when the country’s diplomat Simon Bubumba, who is also the brother of the president of that nation, is kidnapped. Kakababu and Sontu discover some important clues regarding the kidnapping. They help the police in finding out more about the kidnappers. In the process a surprise awaits them as they also encounter a thief who has stolen a piece of stone collected from the Moon’s surface by US astronauts. With India’s global diplomatic reputation at stake, it is up to the kids to solve the mystery


Director’s Biography: Pinaki Chaudhary
Pinaki Chaudhary started his directorial debut with Bengali Feature Film ‘Chana Achena’ in the year 1992. Thereafter he has directed several Bengali & Hindi films and Teleserials. In 1997 he won the National Award as a Director as well as Producer for the Best Feature Film in Bengali, ‘Sanghat’. Some of his notable films are ‘Narak’, Balidan’, Kakababu Hayray Gaylane’ Hotat Basanta’ and ‘Khoj’