Ek Tha Chotu Ek Tha Motu (Fat Guy, Thin Guy)

(Fat Guy, Thin Guy)

Director: M.S. Sathyu
Hindi / 1967 / B&W / 64 Minutes


A village boy sees a tractor for the first time and is captivated by it.He migrates to the city and becomes a mechanic in a garage. He works hard and saves every penny till he collects enough money to buy a tractor. He comes back to his village as the proud owner of a tractor.


Director’s Biography: M.S. Sathyu
M.S. Sathyu is from Karnataka.His wide training and aptitude in the graphic arts led to a deep involvement in regional theater as a scene and costume designer. Moving to Bombay, Sathyu worked as an advertising cartoon designer – and began to study film in all its departments. Sathyu has directed several documentaries and features, many of them award winners. Among the most well-known of his works is the documentary on the urdu poet Ghalib and his first feature film Garam Hawa, which he has followed up with interesting and off-beat films such as Kaneshwara Rama, Chitegu Chinte, Bara and Kahan Kahan Se Guzar Gaya. Sathyu lives in Bombay, more recently being involved with TV Serials, and being actively concerned with directing play and designing sets for the theatre.